Business Card

Players instantly judge your game by how it looks and sounds.

Low quality music in a mobile or indie game can make the difference between a future player and just another visitor to your store page who never buys your game.

Make your game shine with music and audio that immerse the player into the universe you’ve built for them.

To request demo tracks created for your game, please contact me with the details of your game (genre, size, desired feel).

About me

I’ve been a musician with a passion for songwriting and composition for 30 years, since I was a child.  Last year I decided to follow my dream, quit my day job and become a musician professionally full-time.  To put food on the table, I started a teaching business.  Now that I can sustain myself, I can pursue my passion that blends my two favourite things: music and video games.

My favourite games combine beautiful, immersive artwork with engaging music and sound.  Some of these include Shadow of the Colossus, Transistor, Civilization 4, The Binding of Isaac, Stardew Valley, Risk of Rain, Maple Story, Grim Dawn, Tyranny, Oblivion, Skyrim, and the World of Warcraft.

But let’s be real here, it was the video game music I grew up playing that still stirs my soul: Zelda, Mega Man, Mario, Wizards & Warriors, Gauntlet, Dragon Warrior, Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Rygar…yeah.  That’s the good stuff.

I produce music in a wide range of genres, from rock and electronic/EDM to classical scores, depending on the setting of the game (although one day I swear I’ll get to do a techno score to a medieval title!).  While I can do “pure” classical scores, I prefer to mix and layer instruments from other genres, for example Eastern instruments, electric guitars, or light synth.