Make your game shine with music and audio that immerse the player into the universe you’ve built for them.

Let me help you by crafting a custom original sound track for you that immediately grabs attention and sets the tone you want.  Contact me at for demo tracks and a quote.

About me

I’ve been a musician with a passion for songwriting and composition for 30 years, since I was a child.  I love gaming and music almost equally, so I started Music to Noise Ratio to blend both of my passions and create soundtracks for video games.  From there I’ve branched out to all forms of composing background music.

My favourite games combine beautiful, immersive artwork with engaging music and sound.  Some of these include Shadow of the Colossus, Civilization, The Binding of Isaac, Stardew Valley, Risk of Rain, Maple Story, Grim Dawn, Transistor, Tyranny, Oblivion, Skyrim, and the World of Warcraft.

But music from the video games I grew up playing still stirs my soul: Zelda, Mega Man, Mario, Wizards & Warriors, Gauntlet, Dragon Warrior, Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Rygar…yeah.  That’s the good stuff.

All music copyright Music To Noise Ratio.